First blog post

November 17, 2017… my first blog post. Well, I have no idea where this is going to go or if it will even go somewhere, but I’ve felt like I needed to do this for a couple of months now. And after an important doctor’s appointment for me this morning, followed by a phone call from my sister urging me to blog, I’ve decided it’s time to start.

I don’t know what all I’ll be posting, where this will lead, who I will meet through this, and most importantly (and my #1 goal), who I may help doing this.  But, I hope that I can reach and help at least one.

So, I probably should tell you why I started this blog!  In 2003 I was diagnosed with seasonal allergies, neurocardiogenic nearsynchope (if that’s even right – basically random times of my blood pressure dropping and almost passing out), generalized anxiety disorder, and hypothyroidism.   Like any other ill-informed patient, I jumped right on the band wagon of medications to band-aid the problems.  I have long believed that it wasn’t a random coincidence that all of these things came up within the same year, but never had any knowledge or information to back up my thoughts. (I know better now!) I was told (not diagnosed because that never really happened) that I had Hashimotos sometime around 2010-2012.  I’m not for sure the exact year to be honest.  I know that it took me four doctors before someone actually told me that’s what I had and when my doctor told me, he was surprised that I didn’t know and none of the other doctors had mentioned it.  At this point, I no longer deal with the blood pressure thing or the allergies.  I just continue to deal with my hashimotos and anxiety.

Off and on I’ve tried little things here and there to help my thyroid and my anxiety.  Over the years, my diet has shifted (for the better), I’ve started seeing a chiropractor and exercising again.  I believe the combination of those three things is what helped me so that I no longer deal with allergies or the whole dropping-of-the-blood pressure-thing.  I’ve actually not dealt with either of those for several years now.  I’ve tried several other things to help with my thyroid, all great options, but never stuck to any of them and I’ve never tried them all together.  I’ve done a 20 day stint at doing the AIP diet, several months of just Paleo (although I was trying to drop baby weight, not using it for my health), taken multiple supplements (which I continue to take) continued seeing my chiropractor (but not doing the homework exercises), and I’ve done Vitamin B and amino acid injections (but stopped them because I was over training and stressing my body too much to allow them to work).  The crazy thing is, I actually think that doing all of these things as they’re intended to be done, and all at once, will be the path to my healing!

So, that’s where this blog comes into play.  I fully plan to heal my thyroid, and I plan to blog about my journey the entire time so that I can hopefully help someone else.  I want to not only share my path, but I want to share tips that I come across, knowledge that I learn, and foods that I eat.  I know it’s not going to be easy, I know I will have struggles, I know that I’ll want to quit, I know that I will feel that it’s unfair… but I also know that there’s a light at the end of this tunnel that I’ve been crawling through for 14 years… and that light’s the closest and the brightest it’s ever been.

If you’re reading this, I appreciate you.  You will be what holds me accountable when I’m at my weakest moments.

’til the next time…